Suggested Introductory Reading:

Aitken, R. (1982). Taking the Path of Zen.  North Point Press.  

Aitken, R. (1984). The Mind of Clover: Essays in Zen Buddhist Ethics. North Point Press. 

Beck, C.J. (1989) Everyday Zen – Love and Work. Harper & Row. 

O’Brien, B. (2019). The Circle of the Way: A Concise History of Zen from the Buddha to the Modern World. Shambala Publications. 

Maezumi, T. & Glassman, B. (2002). On Zen Practice: Body, Breath and Mind. Zen Centre of Los Angeles. 

Magid, B. (2008). Ending the Pursuit of Happiness: A Zen Guide. Wisdom Publications.

Moore, M. (2018) The Rinzai Zen Way: A Guide to Practice. Shambala Publications. 

Shore, J. (2016). Great Doubt: Practising Zen in the World/Boshan. Wisdom Publications

Yamada, K. (2015). Zen: The authentic gate. Wisdom Publications.

Other Zen Groups.

Sydney Zen Centre

Melbourne Zen Group

Adelaide Zen Group

Zen Group of Western Australia

Darwin Zen Group

Forest Way Zen – Sunshine Coast, Qld.

Zen Open Circle

Diamond Sangha – Honolulu

Robert Aitken

Jeff Shore – Being Without Self

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