About us

Black Mountain Zen Group Inc. (BMZG) is the successor organisation to the former Canberra Zen Group.

On 6 March 2018, BMZG was incorporated as an association in the ACT for the specific purpose of providing and organising opportunities for the practice of Zen Buddhism directed by an authorised teacher. Our teacher is Jeff Ward, who received transmission in 2017 as a Zen teacher in the Diamond Sangha tradition from Subhana Barzaghi and Paul Maloney, both of the Sydney Zen Centre.

The main activities of the BMZG are the coordinating of regular Zen practice meetings. These meetings consist of Zen meditation meetings each week, monthly half- or full-day Zen meditation meetings and regular Zen meditation retreats of longer duration, usually seven days. Orientation is available for students with no or little meditation or Zen practice experience.

Practitioners from other traditions are welcome to come and sit with us.

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