Black Mountain Zen Group (BMZG) is a lay Zen Buddhist practice community located in Canberra, Australia. We take our name from Black Mountain, which is a central geographical feature of the city of Canberra.


Welcome to BMZG

Formerly known as the Canberra Zen Group, BMZG holds regular Zen practice meetings. At this time, due to COVID restrictions most of our events are held online. BMZG offers online Zen meditation each weekday morning and weekly evening meditation meetings. In addition, BMZG holds monthly meditation days and an annual Zen retreat. 

BMZG is affiliated with the Diamond Sangha tradition which was founded by Robert Aitken Roshi . BMZG is also affiliated with Jeff Shore’s Being Without Self network.

Our Zen practice is led by Jeff Ward who is a lay Zen Buddhist teacher in the Diamond Sangha tradition

Starlit darkness
in the forgotten valley
the night creatures chant
the secret everlasting sutra
no names will ever hinder
the unfolding of this perfect song

  Jeff Ward